Where Can I See All My Posts Scheduled For Different Social Channels On Statusbrew?

You can review all your scheduled posts under Scheduled Posts section of the Planner. Here all your posts are organized according to posting dates and times.

At a quick glance, you can view the message text, media attached to the post, the social network and the channel through which it will be posted.

Posts Queued In The Scheduled Posts Section Are:

  • Sorted by the date and time of publishing.
  • Sorted by social networks and channels.
  • From the Planner you can also create a new post or upload a CSV file using the ‘Bulk Publish’ button to schedule posts in large volume.

Perform The Following Actions On Posts Queued In The Scheduled Posts Section:

  • Each post queued can be edited,
  • pushed to live in real time, and 
  • deleted.


Scheduled Posts