Where Can I See All My Posts Scheduled For Different Social Networks On Statusbrew?

After you have scheduled your content on Statusbrew, Content Planner will help you to monitor the implementation of the content giving you a broader view of how sequentially your content will be going to your social media handles.

Planner section is divided into further lists which would give you all the details about your Scheduled, Published, Paused and Failed content. And, in case you are working in a Team, you’ll have two more lists, the Rejected and the Approval lists. The access to these lists is based on the permissions (Editor/Moderator/Admin) that a team member has in a group.

So, while you schedule the posts on your social media profiles for the engagements, Statusbrew ensures that you are doing it in the most organized way possible.

Let's see what each of these lists mean.


This is the first list of your Content Planner section that shows all the posts waiting to be published at their right time. All the scheduled posts with the thumbnail of the media attached (if any) for all your social media handles, can be viewed from this list.

You can Edit or Delete a post before it gets published. Also, you can push a post live, instantaneously, by clicking on the Send Now icon adjacent to that post.

Scheduled social media posts



This list contains the posts which were scheduled under a Category and before getting published, the associated Category was deactivated/deleted. These posts won’t be shown in the Scheduled list anymore.

Once you activate your category, your posts will be pushed back to the Scheduled list.

If you happen to delete your assigned category, you will have to Edit each of the posts assign it a new time or category.

Paused social media posts


Note: All the posts in the Paused list will be included in the number of unique queued posts that are allowed in your plan.


When a team member with Moderator access schedules a post, it is added to the Approval List for the further review by Admin/Editor.

The Moderator can only Edit/Delete the posts created by him. From this list, Editor/Admin can Approve or Reject a post. If approved, the post is added to Scheduled List and to Rejected List, if rejected.

Approval social media posts


Note: All the posts in the Approval list will be included in the number of unique queued posts that are allowed in your plan.


All the posts rejected by Editor/Admin are added to Rejected list along with a reason for rejection. This helps the Moderator to edit these posts and reschedule it for Approval.

Rejected social media posts



This list contains all the posts that have been successfully posted to your respective social media channels. This list also shows the actual time when a particular post is published to the social media handle.

You can also view the actual post on your social media channels (Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Google +) from the icon next to your post time.

Published social media posts


There can be some instances when we fail to publish a post on your social media channel, for some reason. All such posts are showed in the Failed List along with a reason of the failure.

Failed social media posts


Note: You can filter your posts according to social media handle it was scheduled for in all the lists of your Planner.

So, segregating all the content that you create and queue to propagate further, whether scheduled or yet in the reviewal stage, whether published or unpublished; you’ll see every single post of your content organized well in the Planner section of your dashboard!