How Content Recycler Works?

Content Recycler comprises of a set of posts for a particular social media profile, that is posted in a repeating cycle. This works only for Twitter profiles.

The repeating cycle is determined on the basis of the category assigned to the Content Recycler. You can make multiple recyclers for each of your Twitter profiles. This is particularly useful when you plan to propagate your content and wish to keep the buzz alive by reaching out to the maximum number of audience. All you need is create and upload a set of tweets having the links to your content and schedule it using Content Recycler. The posts can either be added discretely or imported in bulk using the CSV Upload.

For example, you have about 21 tweets and you want to schedule three tweets a day and repeat it for next few weeks. You can create a Category with three posting times for each day of the week. Assign these posts to the category and choose the profile for which you want to repeat. The tweets will be posted in the cycle of consecutive weeks until you choose to deactivate the Content Recycler.

You can create a recycler with any number of posts and assign them a Category, which will keep shuffling the posts around your social media profile.

To know how to set up a Content Recycler for Twitter, click here.