How Can I Scheduled A Queue Of Posts That Will Repeat By Using Post Recycler On Statusbrew?

Post Recycler tool on Statusbrew works on the principle of publishing posts on different social channels in a recurring cycle that includes dates and times of posting according to a Schedule assigned. It comprises of a set of posts for a particular social channel that are posted in a repeating cycle. The repeating or recurring cycle is determined on the basis of the schedule assigned to the Post Recycler. 

For example, if you are launching a new product at the end of the month you would want to keep the buzz alive and would like to reach maximum number of online users on social channels. You could create a Post Recycler to publish posts according to a Schedule for the entire month such that the posts on Twitter, Facebook talk about what users would be able to achieve and what possible outcomes that could be achieved could be posted in a recurring cycle. You could upload a set of 20 posts to the Product Launch Post Recycler, with the following Schedule assigned: Posting days - Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri and posting times - 1400, 1900. Now during the first week the first ten posts will be published - two posts each day. The second week, posts numbered 11-20 will be published. In week 3, again posts numbered 1-10 will be published, and the posts will be repeatedly published in a cycle in the consecutive weeks until you choose to deactivate the Post Recycler.

Advantages of creating a Post Recycler:

  • To connect with a larger audience: Recycling posts is a great way to connect with a larger user base with the same piece of content over a period of time.

  • Discover your post effectivity: A user can recycle a single blog post by creating a set of Tweets with different texts, images or Hashtags. This would allow the user to learn which type of Tweet gains a higher user engagement.  
    For example, a Tweet in question format or a Tweet with an image.

  • To promote your favorite content: You can add your favorite content such as your Blog posts, Webinars, Podcasts in a recycler to ensure that you’re able to maximize user engagement.