How can I schedule recurring posts weekly on social media?

Content Recycler is a unique tool to schedule automated recurring Twitter posts of your content, which will lead to higher engagements. Through this Content Recycler, you can share single or multiple posts across your different social media repeatedly. What the Content recycler does is that it doesn’t let your best content die after being posted once. It keeps the engagement going.

About Content Recycler 

Content Recycler works on the principle of publishing posts on your various social media handles in a recurring cycle that includes dates and times of posting according to a Schedule assigned. It comprises of a set of posts for a particular social channel that is posted in a repeating cycle. The repeating or recurring cycle is determined on the basis of the schedule assigned to the Content Recycler. You can make multiple recycler lists which will publish according to a particular schedule that you have previously designed in Category.  Rest, the posts can be added individually to the Post Recycler as well as imported in bulk volume using the Bulk Publish Upload tool.

You’ll need two things required while scheduling your content in the Content Recycler:

  • A Schedule according to which your posts will be published in a recurring cycle

  • A list of Tweets having the links your content

For example, if you are planning to propagate your content and wish to keep the buzz alive by reaching out to the maximum number of audience, all you need to do is to create and upload a set of posts having the links to the content that you wish to promote through the Content Recycler, to which you’d be assigning a schedule as well. 

Now, say if you have made about 21 posts with a schedule having three posting times per day; these posts will be published within the period of a week but will continue to be posted in the cycle of consecutive weeks until you choose to deactivate the Post Recycler. Similarly, you can create a recycler with any number of posts and assign them multiple posting times in the content recycler, which will keep shuffling your posts around your social media channels.

How will setting up these recurring posts benefit me?

Connect with a larger audience

The content that you’ll recycle, won’t let your posts die with a few minutes of fame. Pushing out the posts recurringly with the similar content is a great way popularize your content amongst a larger user base. 

Automate your feeds

You just have to sit back and relax while the content recycler shuffles your content recurringly. You’ll never have to take out extra time out of your agenda to make sure that your timeline is getting enough of feeds or not, content recycler would do that for you! 

Promoting your favorite content

You can propagate your favorite content such as your Blog posts, Webinars, Podcasts in a recycler to ensure that you’re able to maximize user engagement. 

Discover the effectivity of your posts

A user can recycle a single blog post by creating a set of Tweets with different texts, images or Hashtags. This would allow the user to learn and strategize which type of posts gain a higher user engagement.

How to create a Content recycler?

  • In Content Recycler, simply click on Create to create a new Recycler.
  • Pick a social media channel and Choose a Recycler name.
    Now, choose a Schedule from the Category.
  • You may add some description to the Recycler, as well.
    Now, Save this recycler.
  • After the Recycler is created, Upload the CSV containing the tweets of your promotional content.
    Now, these posts will be automatically scheduled to your Twitter according to the category you selected.
  • You can also add the tweets to your recycler discretely. Just click on that Recycler name and find the Create post option.
    Now, add your tweet content.
  • Now, Just go back to the content recycler and click on the recycler name to review all your scheduled recycler Tweets.

Similarly, you can create multiple Post Recyclers, each catering to a different category of Tweets. For example, you can create a Post Recycler of Tweets related to your Blog posts, Daily Tips, Webinars separately so that you are able to provide a variety of content to your Audience at an evenly steady pace.

Can I duplicate a Content Recycler for my other social media handle?

Yes, you can. If you wish to duplicate your content recycler, in order to assign your promotional posts to a different social media handle with the same or a different schedule, follow the simple steps below:

  • Go to the Content recycler and choose the recycler you wish to duplicate
  • Click on Settings option in front of that recycler
  • Now, click on the three dot-menu next to the save button
  • And, choose Duplicate
  • Now, this will duplicate your content recycler and from here you’ll have to change the social media handle and the Schedule category that you wish to assign it.

Can I edit the tweets that I have set up in my Content Recycler?

Indeed, you can. Just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Just click on the recycler name in the Content recycler. You’ll see all your tweets scheduled in the recycler. 
  2. Now, click on the Edit option adjacent to the tweet. 
  3. Edit and later, Save it back again!

Similarly, you can also delete a tweet from your set recyclers as well. You’ll find the option to delete a tweet next to where you see the Edit button.

How can I pause sending my posts out of a Content recycler?

Now, if you wish to stop your recurring post, you can deactivate the recycler, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Go to the Content recycler and Click on the recycler you wish to deactivate
  2. Chose just put the scroll the Active button to the left

Deactivating a recycler would temporarily pause your posts from going out and you’ll be able to see those posts in the Paused section of your Planner. You can reactivate your recycler by simply activating it again from the Settings. 

How can I delete a Recycler?

You may also delete that recycler. Just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Go to the Content recycler and choose the recycler you wish to delete
  2. Click on Settings option in front of that recycler
  3. Now, click on the three dot-menu next to the save button
  4. And, choose Delete

Deleting a recycler would permanently delete those posts from your dashboard and you won’t be able to retrieve those back.

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