What Are The Key Parts Of A Schedule?

Learn about what are Schedules in publishing for different social channels.

Every Schedule includes four essential elements:   

Schedule Name

This primarily defines the category of your posts with which you want to align a specific Schedule. For example, if you are creating a schedule for posting your Blogs, you can name it as Blog Post Schedule, or if you are creating a Schedule for quotes that are to be sent on Monday, you can name it as Monday Motivation Schedule. 





By default, your local timezone is selected. You can also select a Timezone depending upon the locale of your target audience.




Posting Days 

You can select the days of the week when you want to publish the posts. For example: Weekend Promotion will have Saturday and Sunday as the days selected in the Schedule. In case you plan to post motivating quotes at the start of the week, you can select Monday as the Posting day in the Schedule.




Posting Times 

This refers to how frequently you would like to publish your post on the selected days. You can add a custom time to your Schedule or manually add a posting time to it. By default, 3 posting times are already added to the list.