How To Unfollow Users On Twitter Who Do Not Follow Back?

Why Unfollow Users On A Social Channel?

Many a time when you follow users, they do not follow back meaning there might not be the connect between you and the user that you initially thought of. Thereby, you might want to disconnect with such users after let's say 7 days, giving users 7 days to connect back else you decide to unfollow them. For such an approach you could view users that you followed in a particular period of time and perform the unfollow actions on them.

Find Users Who Did Not Follow Back

To view the users who have not followed you back and also exclude for a defined period of time, follow the steps given below:

  • Login to your Statusbrew account by visiting

  • Select Audience section for one of your profiles.

  • Click on 'Not Following Back' from the criteria column Tracking, on the column, left of side of the activity screen.

  • This will list down all the user profiles who have not followed you back.

  • Subsequently, apply the filter to exclude users who have not followed you for a specific time period. You can choose various options from 1 day to 60 days. Thereafter, for example, you can unfollow users who have not followed you in past 15 days.  




Besides, you may even apply Quick or custom Advance Filters to narrow down the list to even more precise Audience. Thus, helping you connect the one's who matter!